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LF40-01 - Actuator Pressure Switch

The MAMCO LF40-01 actuator pressure switch can be used in conjunction with an air button (also called an actuator) in remote control applications widely used in swimming pools and spa pumps, garbage disposers, outdoor machinery, and medical equipment. Used as a remote control, the air switch has two actions:

  1. Momentary action- when the air button is pushed, the air switch is actuated. When the air button is released the air switch returns to its normal state
  2. Alternate Action (also referred to as latching)- The first push of the air button actuates the air switch. The switch will remain actuated until a second pulse of air sent from the air button is detected

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LF40-01 Air Switch: Benefits & Featureslf40-01.jpeg

  • Air switch used in conjunction with an air button is ideal for remote control applications
  • Performs reliably across a wide variety of applications
  • Available in momentary or latching mode when used with an air button

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