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We're Green for our Environment!

September 4, 2008

MAMCO now offers Precision Switches and Precision Molding made from Valox IQ*: a plastic made from 87% post consumer waste.

Eco-Friendly is a term that’s popping up all over the globe. At MAMCO we don’t consider Eco-Friendly a “buzz word”, we consider it our future. Cherish the past, reinvent the future: Since 1964, Mamco has been providing customized molded components and sub assemblies that have been used in sensors, control systems, and switches for companies in diverse industries. After developing our own Pressure Switch Line in 2004 we started to look for unique and “green” ways of manufacturing to better preserve the environment. Mamco has received ROHS and ISO9001certification, and has received UL and CE approval. After three years of making strides: Enter Valox IQ*. Can you imagine taking a water bottle that lasted 15 minutes in its environment and transforming it into something that could last up to 15 years! SABIC Innovative Plastics* formerly GE Plastics,  has released a material that can stand up to tough technical expectations, yet has a low carbon foot print, and consumes as much as 87% of post-consumer content. At Mamco we’ve used Valox 420 in the past so why not use a “smarter” material that would not compromise design, performance, manufacturability, or efficiency for our products, but would help to preserve the environment. We’re now using Valox IQ* for Mamco Precision Molding Products, as well as, for Mamco Precision Pressure Switches. Some of the benefits are:

  • Solid Waste Reduction: One ton of Valox IQ* Resins eliminates 872 kg of post-consumer solid waste.
  • We’ve reduced our CO2 Emissions: One ton of Valox IQ* Resins = 1.7 kg to 2.2 kg- co2 reduction vs. standard PBT.
  • We’re saving energy: One ton of Valox IQ* Resins = 8.5 barrels of oil  less than standard PBT (feedstock + fuel)
  • We’ve Enhanced Performance: Impact Strength- Valox IQ* Resin is 277% > PLA/23% > recycled PBT.

What does this mean for you?

By adding Valox IQ* to our plastics your now assured that your company is working with a corporation that makes the environment one of our top priorities. Valox IQ* has also won The Society of Plastics Engineers award for 2007, as well as, The SAE International’s E2T (Excellence to Environment in Transportation) award for 2006. Valox IQ* Resin and Xenoy IQ* Resin also have “Ecomark Certifications” from Japan.   

How is this done?

Valox IQ* PBT Resin Process: Step 1: Post Consumer PET destined to landfillStep2: Landfill and BDO mixed in a chemical process, by up cycling solid PET waste to PBT.Step 3: Valox IQ* and Xenoy IQ* Resin made. At Mamco we’ve tested the performance of the Valox IQ* and have seen one difference: we’re doing our part to save the environment.

What Our Clients are Saying...

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      MAMCO provides us with the quality and consistency that we seek in order to continue providing excellence to our own customers. MAMCO has always been responsive to the requirements of our overmolding projects, and very pleasant to work with.  

    Michael Shulte, Custom Electronics

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