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  • Pressure Switches: When to Purchase and What to Look For

    Simply put, a pressure switch is a component able to detect pressure change. When the pressure reaches a certain point, the switch opens or closes an electrical contact. There are—of course—many different types, but they are nevertheless an essential piece to any system that deals with pressu... read more...

  • Pressure Switches are Everywhere!

    You may not realize it, but pressure switches are all around us. In your home, vehicle, at work and the places you go around your community, pressure switches can be found operating in all sorts of devices. We have come to rely upon pressure switches to warn us of impending trouble with our vehic... read more...

  • The 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Precision Switch Manufacturer

    There are many options in the marketplace for businesses in need of precision switches. So how can your business identify a great manufacturer, one that offers high-quality products at fair prices? When looking for a prime manufacturer, businesses should consider these 5 questions:

    1. Is ...

  • MAM005 Immune to the Environment

    MAM005 Ultra Low Pressure Switch

    Mamco Precision Switches model MAM005 is now offered with various types of watertight enclosures. The switches are compact and light weight and are compatible with rigid and flexible electrical conduits typically used on outdoor applications and a number... read more...

  • We're Green for our Environment!

    MAMCO now offers Precision Switches and Precision Molding made from Valox IQ*: a plastic made from 87% post consumer waste.

    Eco-Friendly is a term that’s popping up all over the globe. At MAMCO we don’t consider Eco-Friendly a “buzz word”, we consider it our future. Cherish the ... read more...

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