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MAMCO understands that our clients want to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a switch. Below you will find a series of frequently asked questions designed to assist you in making your switch choice. If you have a question that does not appear on this page, please contact us immediately so we can give you the answers you need.


Q. Is there a minimum order quantity for switches?
A. No, there are no minimum requirements to place an order.

Q. What is the lead time for switch samples?
A. In most cases, MAMCO can deliver samples in 48 hrs.

Q. Is there a lead time for switch parts?
A. MAMCO manufactures in Oneonta, NY and also our sister company in China. Depending on where the parts are manufactured, a typical lead time is 1-4 weeks, depending on the product model.


Q. Can MAMCO’s engineering team help develop a custom switch product?
A. Yes, MAMCO's team of design engineers will work with your engineers to come up with a tailored product to fit your pressure switch needs.


Q. Does MAMCO offer different diaphragms?
A. MAMCO does offer different diaphragms, depending on the media and temperature requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Q. What are the tolerance requirements?
A. +/- 10 % in most cases, please consult our engineering department to see if tighter tolerances can be met.

Q. Does MAMCO offer an Explosion Proof switch?
A. We are always developing new switches and trying to meet new specifications, at this time, Explosion Proof switches are not available.

FAQ By Switch


Q. What if I don’t know my operating pressure?
A. If you have a competitors switch that has failed and would like to replace it with a MAMCO switch, you can take off the cover and the operating pressure is printed with other specifications inside the cover. If you still are not sure, contact us... we’ll be happy to help

Q. What is a port?
A. A port is what connects the pressure switch to your air compressor. MAMCO offers a 1 port version and a 4 port version which provides easy installation of relief valves, gauges and other accessories.


Q. How long does it take to get a Range Switch?
A. Any of our MAM005 Range switches can be sent out the same day as ordered, in small quantities.

Q. What is the lead time on a Factory Calibrated switch?
A. Factory Calibrated switches require at least 24 hrs lead time before we can send them out.


Q. IS the LF20 a snap acting switch?
A. the LF20 is SPDT but not with a snap acting mechanism. There is a deadband between N/C switch contacts opening and N/O closing. Please consult us to discuss your needs.

Q. Is the LF20 switch field adjustable?
A. Yes it is, you can also order our LF20 set to a specific pressure.

Q. Is the LF20-V (a vacuum pressure switch) field adjustable?
A. The LF20-V is not field adjustable.

Q. Is the LF20 compatible with diesel fuels?
A. Yes, the switch will work on a diesel fuel system.


Q. Is the LF40 switch field adjustable?
A. The LF40 is not field adjustable


Q. Do the switches comply with ROHS standards?
A. Most of our switches are ROHS compliant. MAMCO uses “green material” made out of new PBT: click here to read about the advantages of this new material and how MAMCO is reducing our carbon footprint.

Q. What type of agency approvals does MAMCO have?
A. MAMCO is certified by many notable agencies like UL, CSA, and CE.  Click here to see more.

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      MAMCO provides us with the quality and consistency that we seek in order to continue providing excellence to our own customers. MAMCO has always been responsive to the requirements of our overmolding projects, and very pleasant to work with.  

    Michael Shulte, Custom Electronics

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