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The MAM0008 pressure switch can monitor positive, vacuum and differential pressures as low as .75 inches of water (1.9 millibar). This low profile switch is manufactured with PCB terminals, making it ideal for high volume OEM applications where accuracy and size are as critical as low cost.

The MAM008 is manufactured in the United States using high quality, environmentally friendly material that meets RoHas requirements. Like its bigger brother, the MAM005, the MAM008 utilizes MAMCO’s patented switch design. It incorporates gold cross bar contacts with an “all in one welded” contact terminal construction and floating module that delivers reliability and extended life in low pressure environments. This compact and light weight switch is compatible with different media such as air, liquids or gases.


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MAM008 Pressure Switch: Benefits & Features

  • PCB Mount Switch 
  • Available as a standard product tailored to user needs
  • May be custom-designed for special applications


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